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Not all collagen products have been formulated for athletes, bodybuilders & gym go'ers...

BIGBoyz Regenerative Hydrolysed Collagen Protein takes the main benefits of whey & stacks it with the benefits of collagen and the results (and flavours) are amazing!

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Sync Your Cycles...

Whether you're natural or enhanced, our compounds can be used as PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) to help maintain healthy hormone levels & muscle, or used as "bridges" into other "compound" cycles to keep the gains going.

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Test Switch

The Perfect Booster for Natural Athletes or Part of an Enhanced PCT Protocol, containing various (plant based) selective ecdysteroids and our "EstroReduct" Formula to help maintain healthy hormone levels and turbo charge your male potential.

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Test Switch Alpha MAX

Another Powerful Booster containing Tongkat Ali & a killer combination of synergistic compounds to push your male potential through to the next level.

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Strength Stack (Cycles)

Strength Stack (Cycle 1) is one of the legal BEST Base Formula for Strength available in Australia with noticeable results in a 1 week or 2 depending on dietary & training experience.

Strength gains are easily trackable, therefore results are easily noticeable, see the reviews and feel the results, then cycle into Strength Stack (Cycle 2) afterwards ... or go for the next Strength Stack 3XL below.

Strength Stack 3XL (Cycles)

Strength Stack 3XL adds Turkesterone into one of our BEST Base Formulations for strength. Add in other compounds, collagen protein and then cycle into another stack afterwards to keep the gains going.

It doesn't matter which cycle you start on, just make a start, then cycle into the next stack afterwards!

BPC157 Is Back!

We thought BPC157 was going to be scheduled but it was only "banned" in drug tested sports ... so now it's back and ready for "research purposes"...

Read the reviews ... and do your own research!

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